You are the coward, a 2D stealth game where you must escape the Hero's camp, while getting as much money as possible from the riches that are all around you.

This project was done for the Godot Wild Jam 33. Unfortunately, I ran out of time for proper audio and the last polish but I hope the experience is still enjoyable


  • WASD - Move the character
  • E - Action: Next Dialog, Open chest and bribe enemies
  • Directional arrows: Look ahead


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you-are-the-coward.exe 45 MB 23 MB
you-are-the-coward.x86_64 50 MB


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Regarding the maybe last level? With the giant white haired guy with a hammer. I managed to corrupt/bug to the point where new corruptions options weren't popping up everyone into not attacking me, but couldn't find a way to escape the level?

Thanks for playing. Big guy needs to be corrupted 3 times to end the level. Sorry if it wasnt clear :(

Ah, okay thanks. I corrupted everyone, except him, then he spotted me, and did that thing where he runs towards other people and tells them to chase me. Except they were corrupted and didn't chase me. Then he seemed to fritz out and wasn't hostile anymore. IIRC I also couldn't bribe him at that point.